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Reserve a parking spot at easily and quickly. Excellent parking experience? and you would like to reserve again? Then choose the 'existing customer' button. To continue your reservation.

Pick up Verification

By entering the e-mail address of your most recently placed reservation. If you are known to us as a loyal customer, we will send a unique verification code within seconds. Enter this code on the indicated field and choose 'pick up customer data'. To check your customer data.

Receive loyalty

After you have checked the customer data known to us, you enter the desired parking and return date. So that we can grant direct discount on your reservation. This can be up to 20% on the regular parking rates. experience


As a loyal parking provider at it is extremely important for us that your parking experience meets the expectations. Only with your contribution can we evaluate and improve our parking service. Share your parking experience via social media account or send an e-mail to